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ESco rebrands

Mon 21 Sep 2015

ESco rebrands

ESco Business Services Limited is going through a miniature rebrand.

You can call us ESco. That’s nice and easy isn’t it? ESco.

Just in case you don’t already, we want you to know who we are, what’s important to us, how we work, what we do and that we do it very well.

After celebrating our 30th birthday last year, we felt it was time for a lick of paint.

This isn’t a midlife crisis. It’s a new lease of life.

We want to show you what’s important to us, to show you what we’re made of.


What makes us so great at what we do? Our people.

Our lovely, passionate, positive people.

We love our people.        

What makes us continue to be successful year after year and has done for thirty years?

Our wonderfully clever, “good judge of Subscription Bureau” clients.

We love our clients.

At ESco, we invest in our relationships.

Our clients are our partners. Our employees are our partners. Our suppliers are our partners.

We believe in a positive attitude, a happy environment, hard graft and unyielding honesty.

We love change, new technology and new ideas but we have the same traditional values that we’ve had for thirty years.

We love results, delivering projects on time and on budget, helping our publishers win prestigious industry awards and most importantly working in partnership with our clients to grow their revenues and run a successful publishing business.

We love making a difference and helping our publishers succeed.

Susan Duffin, MD of ESco says: “We’re a young, progressive company with over thirty years’ experience in the publishing industry. Specialist publishers are able to sell their brands using ESco's award winning website and subscriptions solutions in ways that are innovative, exciting and hugely successful. Publishing has never been so challenging and ESco continues to meet those challenges with much relish… and a lot of fun.

In all the change that our exciting industry brings, what you can guarantee, depend upon, trust wholeheartedly, is ESco and the unchanging loyalty, integrity, positivity and pure grit and determination that we have always demonstrated. 

So, in 2015 we are a tiny bit animated to unveil the face of ESco.

It looks a little bit like the heart of ESco.

ESco [ess-ko]  noun

  1. Publishing services bureau where outstanding service with integrity is at the heart of everything
  2. Experience – over 30 years of it – to manage subscriptions, build websites, analyse data and fulfil marketing campaigns
  3. A collective group of cake loving, publishing enthusiasts

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