Meet the Team

At ESco, we think people are pretty important.

Meet some of our lovely, passionate, positive people.

Federica Rainaldi

Project Manager

One rainy day in September 2010 Federica landed on the English shores from sunny Italy to follow her then boyfriend (now husband) ... a few years later, in September 2016 she joined the Corporate team at ESco as a Subscription Specialist. Recognising her fabulous attention to detail and splendid organisation skills, Federica progressed into our ever growing and busy Account Management Department as an Account Executive in January 2017, becoming an Account Manager in February 2020, and then a Project Manager in January 2023! Now you can mainly find her at her desk juggling multiple inboxes and clients’ projects...that is, when she is not jetting off to Italy to see her family and get her regular dose of Vitamin D! When she isn't at her desk, chances are she's got her nose stuck in a book somewhere around the ESco building.

Did you know? Federica is actually a 'Doctor' and has a PhD in Political Science.

Nicknames: FedEx, Little Italy

Lee Turbard

Data Solutions Director

A long time ago in a converted pig building far, far away, Lee and his full head of hair joined ESco to earn some Christmas spending money by stuffing promotional year planners into postal tubes. Thirty years and one traumatic separation later (the aforementioned hair), Lee now fulfils the role of Data Solutions Director - "if you have a problem, if no-one else can help, and if you can find him..."

Did you know? Lee has climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge... twice! He's going for the hat-trick... when they let him back in the country!

Nicknames: Turbo

Rosie Buckingham

Senior Customer Service Specialist

Rosie started her journey with ESco in February 2008, when she was hired in the Customer Services Department. In 2011, the infamous Corporate team (previously known as the MUMPS team) was formed and Rosie moved over to join them. In 2016, Rosie was then further promoted to the fabulous Senior Customer Service Specialist that she is today, where she enjoys the challenge and diversity of her day-to-day workload.

In her spare time, Rosie volunteers at her local cat rescue shelter and, somehow, she's resisted the urge to sneak any home with her… So far, anyway! She also enjoys spending some quality time with three of her own fluffballs or re-arranging the furniture in her home. With any time she has leftover, Rosie likes getting active with yoga or long walks and plans to walk the Pembrokeshire coastal path – which will be around 186 miles over the course of two weeks!

Did you know? Rosie is so outdoorsy that she has been involved in almost ten mud run races, meaning that she has crawled, traipsed and run through copious amounts of mud – for fun?!

Nicknames: Corporate Queen

Darren Laplain

Head of Development

In search of re-joining the rat race after living off the grid travelling around Europe in a motorhome, Darren joined ESco in 2007. After a short stint in the mailroom, and several different roles within the IT team Darren has reached the dizzy heights of Head of Development. Outside of work Darren spends most of his time running around after his 2 young kids and trying to teach them important life lessons: 'Rock music rocks!', 'Always say "Please" and "Thank you"', and 'There is no situation in life that can't be improved by a cookie'. Although they seem to have picked the last one up themselves from the Cookie Monster.

Did you know? Darren has a 25 year old copy of The Beano in his glove box.

Nicknames: Dazza

Andy Barnard

Systems and Support Manager

Andrew joined ESco in January 2011 as a Print Executive in our busy Production Team, progressing into our IT Department in August 2013 to exercise his wealth of IT knowledge gained during his Computing degree. Monday to Friday Andy is a pro-active and busy IT whizz, with his free time being spent in the terraces at Cambridge United, playing cricket, getting competitive with the ESco Badminton team, or working up a sweat... in the pub.

Did you know? Andy captains a local cricket club, who seem to spend the majority of their “training” sessions supporting the village pub.

Nicknames: AB

Greg Viney


Greg began his ESco life in December 2013. You'll find him stuck behind the monitor as a developer focussing on SQL server integration and solutions. Greg enjoys competing as well as coaching judo which he has done since the age of 7. He is a 2nd Dan black belt at Cambridge university judo club which helps him stay fit enough to entertain his 3 active children.

Did you know? Greg represented Great Britain at the tender age of 17 in Judo.

Nicknames: G

John McHale

Client Services Director

John McHale joined ESco one cold and windy day in December in 2005 as our Warehouse Assistant. His roles at ESco have since consisted of Warehouse Manager, Production Team Manager, Account Manager, Head of Account Management & finally, where he currently resides as Client Services Director. During office hours, John can be found at his desk, drinking copious amounts of coffee, on the phone to clients and serenading his colleagues with a mixture of humming, singing and whistling (usually all at the same time). In his free time, John indulges in his love for motorbikes, spending time surrounded by women (wife, two young daughters and dog Jodie) and trying to maintain the garden.

Did you know? John is married to Deputy Managing Director, Louise McHale.

Nicknames: John Boy, Colin, Adult Toddler, Johny Mak

Sarah Waddington

Client Services Manager

In October 2013, after completing her degree in Accounting & Finance and when she was just knee-high to a grasshopper, Sarah Louise Waddington joined our gang. Starting her life at ESco in the Corporate Team, diligent, systematic, and conscientious Sarah moved into our Client Services Team in 2019, dipping her toes in an Account Executive role before jumping head-first into a Senior Account Executive role in 2021. But she wasn’t stopping there… In 2024, Sarah was promoted for a third time, to Client Services Manager, due to her attention to detail and love of a process.

A keen runner and badminton player, Waddles as we call her (we don't) is sociable, fun, and always gets stuck in. Sarah is also an avid Liverpool supporter… But don't hold that against her!

Did you know? Sarah also recently completed the Colchester Zoo 10K Stampede in under an hour!

Nicknames: Sar, Wadds

Charlotte Manning

HR Manager

After spending 13 years working in HR within the Higher Education industry, Charlotte wanted a new challenge in a new industry. By pure happy coincidence, an ideal position arose at ESco, only a stone's throw from her home where she lives with her husband and three young children. Charlotte joined ESco in February 2019 and is thoroughly enjoying the constant cake supply and of course getting to grips with the subscriptions industry!

When Charlotte isn't eating cake at work, she is playing hide and seek from her children and especially loves it when the children take ages to find her!

Did you know? Charlotte reached grade 8 in her ballet exams, but now her ballet shoes are just used as a Christmas decoration!

Nicknames: Charlottie, Lottie, Mmuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm!

Emma McHale

Website Coordinator

Emma originally joined the fulfilment department at ESco in 2003, fresh from university, but left after a couple of years to pursue a career in forensics. Returning after a siesta of 6 years and too much night work, Emma became a member of the Account Management Department in 2011. Today Em works in our IT office after she inadvertently displayed previously unknown technical skills and alongside her day to day duties happily keeps the office supplied with brownies and other baked goods! Aside from baking, Em spends her time outside of work exploring the countryside with camera in hand and likes to escape to the seaside as often as possible.

Did you know? Emma belongs to a local book club who meet up monthly to discuss anything but their latest read, eat nibbles and drink prosecco!

Nicknames: Em

Molly Barrett

Client Relationship Manager

Back in January 2019, Molly left her job in the legal sector in London in search for a shorter commute and bigger challenge, moving into the bright lights of Customer Service, she found what she was looking for! After just shy of a year in her new role, Molly came, saw and conquered and moved onto the AE role in Account Management where she now works with a range of publishers. To kick-start 2023, our superstar Molly reached new heights when she stepped into a new role as a Senior Account Executive. Molly spends her free time with her ex-racehorse Bing; hacking, jumping and grooming off all the mud! Or you’ll find Molly out and about with two dogs Fidget and Barney and in the winter months, beating on the shoot.

Did you know? Molly has driven a race car around Brands Hatch Indy Circuit and is also the image on a horse feed bag (Baileys Horse Feed – “Keep Calm”)

Nicknames: Mols, MolsBar, Scrappy-Doo

Laura Perry

Senior Project Manager

Laura started working at ESco in 2004 as a Customer Service Executive and progressed to be an Account Manager a few years later. Her love for travel eventually took over in 2009 and after a two year “break” of travelling in Australia and working in London, she re-joined ESco in 2011; today standing as a Senior Project Manager. Aside from her love of exploring new places around the world, she’s a keen cheese and gin lover whilst keeping fit through Yoga, Pilates and lots of countryside walks with her little family and dog (Roofus) in tow.

Did you know? Laura used to sing at local acoustic nights and used to make a regular appearance at the ESco Christmas do's!

Nicknames: L-Pez, Pez, Pezza, P-dizzle, Bag Lady

Jennie Bell

Production & Renewals Supervisor

Jennie joined the mailroom at ESco many years ago, back in 1994. As you can imagine, Jennie's ESco knowledge is outstanding and her standards are beautifully high. In 2003 Jennie joined the Production Team and she's been an invaluable member there ever since. Always with a cup of strong Carte Noir in hand, Jen is our mother hen; loyal, dependable, hard working and generous. Jen is renowned for her mouth watering cupcakes which have sponsored many an ESco charity day. Or Friday. Or day. Outside of the office, you can find Jen baking her giant heart out, doing a spot of gardening or holidaying in sunny Spain with her man.

Did you know? Jennie has single handedly raised £1500 for charity via the medium of cake.

Nicknames: Jen, JB

Al-fee Phelps

Customer Service Department Manager

Al-fee started her journey with ESco in April 2017 as a Customer Service Executive. Just two years later in July 2019, with a bountiful knowledge of our clients and processes, she stepped into the position of Assistant to Customer Service Department Manager. After another successful two years, Al-fee then moved into her current role as Customer Service Department Manager in October 2021.

When she's not hard at work, Al-fee enjoys listening to music and going to gigs; her favourite gig was seeing Blink-182 from a private box in the O2. In her spare time, she also plays roller derby as part of a team (and she’s WHEELY good).

Most mornings, Al-fee will head down to the gym for a workout or her local pool for a swim to start the day. Her team in the Customer Service Department would describe her as kind, helpful and supportive – she also is the infamous DJ for “Disco Fridays” in her department, which helps to spread that Friday feeling.

Did you know? In Al-fee’s previous job, her team broke the world record for the most people dressed up as Spiderman. (I think we’re going to need some photographic evidence of that one…)

Nicknames: Fonz

Megan Walden

Marketing Communications Specialist

In January 2019 and fresh out of university, Megan joined ESco as a Customer Service Executive. Since then, our creative spark has moved into a Customer Service Executive / PA & Marketing Assistant role and is working alongside our Deputy Managing Director to help with event planning and growing our social media platforms.

As a Writing and English Literature graduate, Megan enjoys reading and reviewing books in her spare time. She has had a piece of writing published in the Wicked Young Writers Awards anthology for 2019 and is now in the process of writing her own novel!

When she hasn’t got her head stuck in a book, Megan likes going to the gym and playing “freestyle” tennis – she claims to have no talent for keeping the ball inside the court lines. She has also completed two 10km charity runs blindfolded, whilst tied to her best friend at the wrist. Megan’s next challenge is to learn sign language, so she can communicate with everybody.

Did you know? Megan has a Blue Peter badge for building a hedgehog shelter in her local community

Nicknames: Meg

Kimberley Jenkins

Head of Staff

Our lovely Kimberley joined ESco as a Customer Service Executive in 2009 and worked in the Customer Service department for most of the 15 years she has been at ESco… Other than a quick pit-stop in the Account Management team in between babies! In May 2024, Kimberley stepped into the new role of Head of Staff where she utilises her vast experience in people management to facilitate efficiencies and communication across departments and ensure continuity of company strategy and ethos throughout the company.

In her spare time, Kimberley enjoys long dog walks, the pub and a good Sunday roast (as long as she doesn’t have to cook it herself). She doesn’t like games, but be prepared for some tough competition if you manage to convince her to play one… She has quite the competitive streak!

Life for Kimberley is pretty simple these days… She misses sleep. A lot. When she’s not working on all things subscriptions, she’s frantically running around after a 1 and 3 year old, and cleaning and tidying a house that is never clean or tidy... But we wouldn’t change her for the world!

Did you know? Kimberley took a gap year to study in America.

Nicknames: Kimbers, Kimmie

Cathy Street

Finance Manager and PA to MD

Cathy started at ESco in 2004 as PA to the Managing Director. What Cathy doesn't know isn't worth knowing - the font of all knowledge. In 2014 Cathy utilised her early work life experience in accounting and sage and took on the accounts management at ESco. You will have to look hard to find her, but you will find her, in the tower office, in solitary confinement. Cathy usually has a calculator in one hand and a vat of very strong coffee in the other, or she'll be in the Managing Directors office, sharing the vat of very strong coffee and discussing... well, nobody knows and nobody dares ask. Outside of the tower, Cathy spends her time walking her dog, being wined and dined by her man and holidaying by exotic seas. Despite the abundance of ready meals and contrary to popular belief, our Cathy is one heck of a cook.

Did you know? Cathy is the daughter of an organist and choirmaster.

Nicknames: Rotweiller (she REALLY gets things done), Aunty Caff, TT

Greg Lentz

Production Operations Manager

When Greg joined ESco in 2002 to manage our hectic and sporadic warehouse, it became clear quite quickly that his people skills were pretty nifty and so, in 2004, Greg became the Mailroom Manager. In 2016, Greg took a hiatus from Production and dipped his toes into the IT pool as a Data Analyst. After seven happy years in the IT department, in October 2023 he returned to Production where his ESco journey started (over twenty years ago!) as the Production Operations Manager. Greg spends most of his time at work drinking too much coffee and being extraordinarily sarcastic. When he isn't busy winding up his poor undeserving colleagues, you will mostly find him entertaining his three beautiful daughters or at the pub.

Did you know? Greg used to be a test pilot for Airfix.

Nicknames: Ghetto (he's from Harlow), Lenzie

Graham Bastiani

Warehouse Manager

Graham joined our Warehouse team in 2008, and took over the management of the Warehouses in 2010. He's a busy boy our Graham, always dashing from pillar to post, with deliveries a plenty, if you're lucky enough to spot him, he'll likely be whizzing round on his forklift, greeting delivery drivers, scheduling outbound and inbound shipments, and liaising with our friendly mailings team. Rarely at his desk, he can barely remember what tea tastes like when it's hot. Graham has a life long love of Arsenal FC (don't hold it against him), and enjoys fishing, spending time with his famly and long walks with his lovely Springer Spaniel, Tia.

Did you know? Graham broke his leg in three places while playing football.

Nicknames: Legend, Grum

Ellie Holden

Assistant to Customer Service Department Manager

Ellie started with ESco at the beginning of 2019 as a Customer Service Executive, before joining the Corporate Team later that year. She went on to become a Senior Customer Service Specialist in 2020 and most recently has been promoted to Assistant to the Customer Service Department Manager, which came into effect at the beginning of 2022. Before joining ESco, Ellie also earned her degree in Education and Childhood Studies.

Ellie spends her spare time getting stuck into a good film or television series – particularly psychological thrillers, much to the dismay of her husband! When she’s not watching the latest crime or thriller story, she’s reading the novel about it instead – or listening to a variety of different music (although she has a soft spot for soul).

Every weekend, Ellie enjoys going for hikes (especially if there is a pub involved) or going to the theatre. Her biggest guilty pleasure is spending money on candles and wax melts… She claims to have enough to open her own shop!

Did you know? Ellie has a twin brother and, to answer the most commonly asked question, no they cannot read each other’s minds. Or at least that’s what they want us to think…

Nicknames: El, Eleanora, Els, Els Bells

Alistair Wood

Operations & Development Director

Alistair hopped aboard the ESco bus in early 2005, when he was but the young, tender age of 11. With over twenty years of experience in the publishing industry, Al is our Operations and Development Director. Boy does this guy love a gadget. Al is responsible for constantly pushing us into the future, so fast, you'd think he had his own time machine. When he isn't visiting the year 3000, Al loves the great outdoors, photography and playing in a band as well as being an elder at his local church. He has three young, active (VERY active) boys and a beautiful wife to boot. Al is always busy, planning an adventure with his kids, or researching the latest publishing software or Apple gadget.

Did you know? Alistair grew up in the Philippines! He also spent a year touring Eastern Europe with an indie rock band after uni.

Nicknames: Al, Techie Care Bear, Geek

Susan Duffin

Managing Director

Susan founded ESco in 1984. She has worked in almost every role at ESco during the last 30+ years, including database writing, sales, purchasing, warehouse management, copywriting, data prep, subscriptions handling, system testing, report writing, account management, HR, book-keeping, PR, customer service, Agony Aunt, cleaner....the list goes on. Susan is our busy, knowledgable and dependable Managing Director. Our glue and our ESco hero. In the office, you will usually find her clutching a hot coffee whilst coaching, mentoring, managing, quoting, lunching with clients or buying doughnuts for her loyal team. Susan is a passionate Christian who, in any spare time she has, enjoys spending time with her family, entertaining friends, keeping fit, cooking and reading.

Did you know? Susan went to Romania in 2002 with “Hope for the Future”, a local Christian charity focussing on relieving poverty and hardship

Nicknames: Sue, Mum, “Ganny”, She Who Must Be Obeyed , Suzie Q

Clare Gill

Business Operations Director

Clare first joined ESco in 2003 in our converted pig building, starting out in the Customer Service Department. Just a year later, in 2004, Clare began her Business Management degree and so reduced her hours and took on the role of PA to our MD. A few years passed, Clare joined our Client Services Team, got married, became Client Services Team Manager, had two beautiful curly blonde babies, and did a whole lot of learning. Now, a very different Clare to the one who joined us in 2003, Clare is our busy Business Operations Director, where she spends a lot of time "guiding" our jolly IT department onto the right path to meet their deadlines and liaising with the Account Management Department she knows so well to constantly improve the way we work. Outside of ESco, Clare spends a great deal of her time discussing Dinosaurs and Paw Patrol with son Henry and trying to work out how her daughter Florence has managed to con her into giving a second pudding. Again. Clare is also a keen baker, foodie and gym lover. Sorry, GIN lover.

Did you know? When Clare was 18, she took a gap year with three friends to go travelling around Europe. She managed two countries and stayed for a grand total of two weeks. Apparently the Hostels weren't the Five Star luxury she'd hoped for.

Nicknames: Clare Bear, Clarabella, Gilly Willy, Clarey

Louise McHale

Deputy Managing Director

Louise joined ESco (in a formal capacity) back in 2006, having spent her formative years growing up alongside ESco, her involvement in the business went from family dinners to boardroom meetings.

Over the years, Louise has worked from the ground up in almost every department and role at ESco from Customer Service to Quality Assurance to Direct Mail Management to Subscription Management to PR & Marketing and beyond.

Louise’s passion for ESco - our people, our partnerships, our work - continues. She remains close to our clients, keeping an eye on our industry’s current and future needs. Louise focuses most of her energy and passion on directing our ship, manoeuvring through the daily challenges this industry brings, whilst keeping the heart of ESco – integrity – central to everything we do.

Louise’s strength is in “not taking no for an answer”. Tell her something can’t be done… I dare you.

Outside of the office Louise enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, baking and enjoying long family walks to the pub with a pack of cards. A socialite at heart, she relishes time well spent with good friends. But no matter the time of year, the end of the day is often spent with her husband, enjoying the views of the rolling countryside from their decking with an icy drink in hand.

Did you know? As a teen, Louise's work experience involved being a live mannequin in a busy clothing store in Cambridge city centre.

Nicknames: Lois Lane, Lou

Lyle Pascoe

Technical Support & Email Systems Specialist

Lyle joined ESco in the summer of 2019 as an IT Executive after spending 3 years as a freelance graphic designer working on everything from simple logo's to full blown websites and branding. With a love of tech and problem-solving becoming part of our IT team was a natural fit. During his spare time he can often be found clutching a controller (or keyboard and mouse) playing the latest and greatest video games or watching Formula 1 - even if that means getting up ridiculously early in the morning to watch it live.

Did you know? Lyle has one Xbox game with a full gamerscore

Nicknames: LP

Erica Callander

Senior Account Manager

Remember, remember the fifth of November (2007) when Erica joined ESco? With her background in Sales and Marketing and her Blue Peter badge, Erica is well equipped to tackle the challenges of being an Account Manager. When away from her desk she can usually be found either playing tennis, listening to tennis or watching her two young children play tennis. Come on Andy!

Did you know? Erica captained the Suffolk County Tennis Team.

Nicknames: Erica-ca-ca-ca-ca

Wesley Atkins

Renewals Manager

Wesley joined our IT Team at ESco in October 2010. Since that time, life has changed somewhat for Wes, moving to the Production Team in 2011, getting married in 2014, buying his first house in 2015 and in 2022 being promoted to the wonderful Renewals Manager that he is today. With his quiet and unexpected dry sense of humour, Wes fits perfectly into the Production Team. During working hours you will mostly find Wes setting up documents, running IT tasks and generally getting things done.

Since 2015, Wes has either been pounding or gliding gracefully through the streets of Halstead when he decided to take up running and cycling. For extra healthy good measure, Wes also decided 2015 was the year to become a vegan. It is only since writing this “memoir” that Wes has realised that either he only truly “found himself” after marrying the love of his life, or perhaps he needed some hobbies to get out of the house.

Did you know? In September 2015, Wes played the most almighty prank, in faking his own death. He was knocked off his bike on his way to work, spent a good portion of his time laying in a ditch and lost all memory of the incident. (Wes is no longer permitted to ride a bike). Wes also, quite fascinatingly studied Meteorology and Oceanography at UEA.

Nicknames: Wesley Snipes, Michael Carrick

Clare Reid

Senior Customer Service Specialist

In 2013, when Clare decided she no longer bounced very well, she decided to stop working with horses and joined ESco’s Finance and Admin Team. She then moved over into the Corporate Team in 2018, before finally settling into a Customer Service role. Since then, Clare has moved up the ranks into her current position as a Senior Customer Service Specialist in the digital team.

Clare spends all her spare time with her white, hairy horse called Borris! She particularly enjoys hurtling around the countryside with the local hunt or at dressage, show jumping, showing and cross-country competitions. He’s always in the rosettes… Which is unsurprising for a horse with a modelling contract (no, you didn’t read that wrong)!

Did you know? Clare has a master’s degree in Equine Science

Nicknames: Clare Bear (but don’t call her that!)

Sam Whittaker

Client Relationship Manager

Sam joined our Customer Service team in summer 2015, working his way through the department to Senior Customer Service Specialist in 2018. Then in 2019 Sam made the bold move over to our Client Services Team, working as an Account Executive – with a new perspective, looking at the other side of subscriptions! Due to his hard work and determination Sam was promoted to Account Manager in 2021.

When he isn't busy tip tapping on his keyboard and avoiding being given yet another new nickname by the team, you can find Sam clutching a bottle of whisky or two. That's not related to the nickname calling, but actually because Sam is a colour blind, impassioned whisky collector! He is also studying for his Master's Degree in Military History in his spare time, having already received a BA in Modern History. You don't meet someone like Sam every day.

Did you know? Sam is a Founding Member of the Lakes Distillery, he owns a bottle of every whisky they have ever produced and even has part of one of their casks in his wedding ring!

Nicknames: Just Sam, Witwicky

Connor Smith

Project Manager

Back in September 2016, Connor joined team ESco, starting with a speedy crash course with our crème de la crème subscriptions training whizz, Kimberley Jenkins, in Customer Service. Before Connor could barely finish his coffee, he was swiftly moved to the Account Management Department, where he is now as one of our busy Project Managers. Connor's renowned for his wide array of accent impressions and a (slightly dark) sense of humour that will see you through the bluest of blue Mondays. Not to mention he is the deliverer of Krispy Crèmes.

When fashionista Connor isn't in the office, you'll either find him at the pub in his tartan joggers, working out at the gym or learning Japanese on Duolingo with a rum and coke in one hand a snack in the other.

Did you know? Connor has a diploma in Swedish Body Massage… apparently.

Nicknames: Colin, Connork, Marv, Snackattack, Conro, Connorkykins

Alice Ablitt

Client Relationship Manager

Alice started in our Customer Services Department in January 2022 and just eighteen months later, took the leap of faith into Client Management Department to join our lovely bunch as a Client Services Executive in June 2023, bringing with her an impressive foundation of ESco knowledge to help her thrive in this new role… And thrive she did! After just eight months of working closely with our brilliant clients and delivering on their ideas Alice was further promoted to Client Relationship Manager in February 2024, proving just how much of an asset she really is to the team (but we already knew that).

As a Suffolk girl born and bred, Alice lives in a cosy log cabin in Sudbury. Although she is a self-confessed thrill seeker and enjoys attending a high intensity bootcamp session on weeknights, Alice also loves to unwind by getting her nails done or spending time at home cooking, trying out new recipes or creating cocktails.

Did you know? Alice has been quad biking across sand dunes and paragliding from a mountain in Turkey!

Nicknames: Big Al, Positive Pants

Gary Isbell

Senior Customer Service Specialist

Gary joined our Customer Services Department in July 2016 as a Customer Service Specialist, where he soon became an expert in all things subscriptions and client processes. In December 2023, Gary was promoted to Senior Customer Service Specialist and is now responsible for training new team members and running "Surgery Time" with Clare, which our Customer Service Team can utilise when in need of any help or advice with customer queries.

In his spare time our "Subscriptions Guru" likes to spend time with family, taking his daughter Luna to soft play, farms and zoos or swimming. As an avid Chelsea supporter, he also has a keen interest in sports and is a 2nd Dan black belt in martial arts! Gary has a passion for travel, having visited countries renowned for diverse and fascinating wildlife such as Sri Lanka, Kenya and Costa Rica. Having previously had many reptiles as pets (including Boa Constrictors) he hopes to do so again when Luna grows up!

Did you know? Gary has fractured 14 different bones in his body (although fortunately, not all at once!)

Nicknames: Gazza, Gaz, Gal, G

Victoria Scott

Client Services Executive

After 20 years of working in the local government sector, Vikki found ESco in June 2022 when she joined our Customer Services Department as an Executive – and the rest is history! Before long, our team fell in love with Vikki's bubbly personality, permanent smile and contagious laugh… So much so that in February 2024, Vikki was promoted to a Client Services Executive in our Client Management Department, so that we could share her positivity and can-do attitude with our clients, too!

In her spare time (and when she's not playing taxi driver to her daughter, ferrying her to and from an ever-increasing list of after-school activities), our Vik can be found spending time in her garden or walking along blustery Cornish beaches… Which is quite the commute just to get your steps in!

Did you know? Vikki has participated in many charity fundraising events in the past, from 5K runs to sponsored bed pushes, but her most gruelling challenge was when she was in the Brownies and took part in a sponsored silence which lasted a whole hour!

Nicknames: Vikki, Vik, Scotty

Louis Jones

IT Support Technician

Meet Louis, our IT Support Technician. Before joining ESco in July 2022, Louis worked in Tesco stocking the Beer, Wine, and Spirits section whilst studying for a CompTIA IT qualification on the side. Now, he is the first line of support in our IT department and, as the proud (and worthy) winner of ESco's "Consider-It-Done" Christmas party award, Louis inspires and encourages those around him to follow in his positive footsteps.

In his spare time, Louis loves to play board games (coined "Louis' games" by his family for being iconically lengthy and complicated), but luckily, his girlfriend enjoys playing them too – at least, she hasn't told him otherwise! He also loves eighties movies and going on road trips (as long as he's driving to a playlist full of good music for the journey)! His favourite band is The Fratellis… So if you're looking for Louis, just turn up Chelsea Dagger, and he'll come running!

Did you know? Louis loves musicals (and Back to the Future)… So much so that he saw "Back to the Future the Musical" three times in three months!

Nicknames: Louie, Lois, Louise, Lyle

Edward Caswell

Data Technician

Edward started at ESco in September 2022 as a Data Technician alongside his university studies, while completing a degree in Data Science. In his current role, our data whizz spends his working days monitoring ESco’s internal processes and reports, managing and completing data loads, developing reports, and exporting data to our clients.

When he’s not at work, Ed spends a lot of time kicking back to watch movies and television shows and enjoys going to the cinema at least once or twice a week to check out the latest releases. He likes to keep up to date during the awards season and box office.

Did you know? At the Oscars in 2024, Ed correctly predicted winners for 17 of the 23 categories!

Nicknames: Ed, Steady Eddy (coined during his school years for always going with the flow)

Rob Green

Director of Product

Rob started working as a consultant for ESco, helping us to take steps to modernise the technology stack, keeping up (and ahead) of the clients' needs. After a brilliant partnership, we brought Rob on board on a more permanent basis in late 2023 to help accelerate our technology transformation.

On a day-to-day basis, Rob works to improve the tools, people, and processes here at ESco. This can range from reviewing the process of distributing work within the team and ensuring all the right things have been considered, to a workshop that helps to build confidence in the ever-evolving AI – something Rob has really been driving in our team. Rob believes that, in order to change technology, it is as much about helping the humans using the tech to change their mindset as it is about changing the tools themselves.

When he’s not looking after his three children, Rob plays trombone (badly, apparently) in the Bardfield Brass band and you'll generally see him out running and cycling around Finchingfield, trying to keep sane.

Did you know? Rob was once asked to join Next of Kin, but he declined.

Nicknames: He tried to rebrand as Bob. It failed.