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Back in the day when Tetris was high tech and Madonna’s Material Girl was blaring out of your boom box, a wonderful, innovative and female led brand was born…MAC Cosmetics…but more importantly, ESco.

An idea born from two brave, ambitious women, Elaine Wright and Susan Duffin (the E & S in ESco).

ESco was initially established to build databases to some of Susan and Elaine’s established business connections who, in the main, were Publishers.

The work flooded in and soon, ESco’s high standards and can-do attitude resulted in an ever growing list of services...and clients!

In 1986, Elaine decided to step down from ESco to start a family, leaving Susan at the helm working for a small but precious group of Publishers with a mini but mighty team around her. By this point, Susan had two young daughters of her own (two under twos!) and managed to grow a young business and young family in tandem – two of the most challenging tasks, but she did it, with great success.

By 1987, Susan moved ESco to Finchingfield in rural Essex, into some purpose converted farm buildings providing a nifty little office space and warehousing. Incorporating in 1995, ESco continued to acquire some fairly prestigious publisher clients, all through word of mouth…

Over the years, little old ESco grew so much that by 2000 we were offering a full range of subs and circ services to publishers. Not forgetting the data prep and mailing fulfilment side of the business which developed in tandem. Today we work with a wide range of clients, many in the exciting world of publishing and out.

In May 2006, Susan made another bold move. She packed up her office and 45 (ish) employees, waved goodbye to the converted pig-building and the “farm life” that came with it and moved ESco into an incredible purpose-built office building with on-site, enormous, fantastic, spic and span warehousing. Thank you Susan! We know, first hand, that a company’s attitude comes from the top, and Susan’s determination, high standards, aspiration for change, integrity and passion for her team filters down throughout the company.

So here we are, at Trinity House, with our mighty impressive team of around sixty, hand-picked, skilfully recruited and trained experts. And we’re getting bigger and better, every day.

What we have at ESco, is some key members of staff who have grown up in the publishing industry, learning, developing and pushing forward publishers over the years. And a team of young, fresh faced, eager creatives, bringing new ideas to the table all the time and sharing in the excitement of some of our amazing award winning publishers.

Over the years, we’ve been able to change our ethos, with our high standards and top quality service, we are thankful to be able to choose only to work with those publishers that recognise our strengths and the benefits of sharing a partnership with us. 

From building databases, daisy printers and chicken poop, to award winning e-commerce sites, a pretty mature publishing platform, apps and new and exciting progression every day. Something our clients love about ESco, is our ability to seamlessly bridge the worlds of print and digital publishing.

We’re particularly chuffed that all of this delightfully welcome expansion has come about primarily through increased business from existing clients (who once they join, rarely leave – just you wait and see!) as well as through recommendations from our clients – who just seem to love us. And our cake.

We can’t say this enough, we LOVE what we do, and it shows.

Next steps? Get to know us and our lovely team, read our latest news, and organise a little cake visit. Because you can never have too much cake. 

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ESco is most probably our best supplier. Scrupulously honest and hard working, the company does what it says it will do. Susan and her team are also a pleasure to deal with.

Mark Moloney, Managing Director, Trades Exhibitions Ltd

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