Direct Debit Processing

Recurring revenue, directly to your account, no hassle, no headache…

As a BACS approved bureau, we process your Direct Debits, on your behalf, directly into your bank account… No delay, no pitstops.

Direct Debits continue to be a very popular payment method for our clients and their customers, with benefits for all. We started offering our Direct Debit services back in 1985 with ESco's very first subscriptions client, Brewers Guardian.

On 21 March 1994, we officially became a BACS Approved Bureau which is an accreditation that we've worn proudly like a badge of honour for thirty years. Every four years we undergo the vigorous auditing process to guarantee that our policies, procedures, systems and security is being maintained to the highest of standards.

Our slick, finely tuned process ensures that all automatic payments are collected in a secure, reliable and efficient way. This allows us to process Direct Debit collections on behalf of our clients so that the money goes straight into their bank accounts – without any delay. And we can prove it, too.

In 2022 we processed over £6m worth of Direct Debits from over 265,000 collections – this is more than three times the amount processed in 2015. So, for those statistic lovers out there, that's a 358% increase in collections and a 313% increase in value in just seven years.

We take away all of the administration and headache out of processing so that you can concentrate on growing your business. Saving time and reducing errors leaves you free to focus on what matters. No more software, no more transaction costs.

Summary of the "Good Stuff"

  • DD collections deposited straight into your bank account
  • Our dedicated, specially trained team manage Direct Debit, Credit Card and reconciliation processes
  • As a BACS accredited bureau; we are audited every four years to ensure that our policies, procedures, systems and security is being maintained to the highest of standards
  • We currently process Direct Debits on behalf of seventeen clients
  • Outsourcing to ESco reduces the risk and headache

We are experts in data and finance management with integrity at our very core.

As we collect your payments directly to your account, you can forget the middleman (or woman) – we're an extension of your own team, with your best interests at heart.

Let our diligent team do the administration and facilitation whilst you focus your efforts where your business needs you most.

Countryside Alliance Case Study

At the start of 2021, we completed the migration of the Direct Debit collection processing over to ESco, on behalf of our friends at the prestigious Countryside Alliance. The regular collection of membership fees and donations are now in the hands of our accomplished in-house Finance and Admin team, who have seamlessly made use of our robust and efficient platform to automate the process.

Our solution for Countryside Alliance removed the need to pay software licenses for in-house systems to manage their Direct Debit collections, and freed up time for their team to focus on growing memberships.

With their monthly processing now entrusted in the capable hands of ESco's trained team of finance specialists, Countryside Alliance have saved time and costs, and were able to use this saved time to focus on what matters most, their members.

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We have already worked with ESco for many years and recently had a requirement to outsource our BACS processing to a bureau. ESco was the obvious choice… We have built a fantastic relationship with them and their work has always been detailed and extremely reliable. This has saved us many monthly hours of processing and enabled us to focus on core operations.

Ben Dowdeswell, Finance Director, Countryside Alliance / read more