Further update to the ESco eCommerce platform rolled out

Article by Megan Walden

Fri 01 Oct 2021

Further update to the ESco eCommerce platform rolled out

ESco has just completed another roll out of new functionality to our eCommerce platform, which we continue to develop for our client’s ever-changing needs.

The focus of this latest release was to enhance the discounting functionality, which was rolled out earlier in the year. As eCommerce sales and merchandise (including single and special issues) become more and more important for our clients, the development of a discounting functionality has become an essential feature for incentivising further sales.

The eCommerce platform now includes a variety of new discounting functionalities, including:

  • Automated Member/Subscriber Discounts, such as an automated 10% basket discount for selected items in the shop for any live subscriber or member logged in
  • Flash Sales, such as exclusive 50% discounts on selected items (limited to a specific day or week)
  • Tailored “Build Your Collection” features, such as adding any back issue or special issue to your basket and using a certain promotional code to take advantage of a specific 25% discount
  • Buy One Get One Free offers, such as buying one back issue to get a second one free
  • Percentage/Money-Off, such as entering a code manually to receive a 10% discount or £10 off their purchase

In addition to the discount developments, we have also rolled out the functionality to facilitate “Refer a Friend” campaigns and refinements to our existing “Guest Checkout” feature. We have also made receipts and invoices available for quick and easy download in the customer’s “My Account” area, which means that these do not need to be manually requested from the customer service team.

ESco continues to invest heavily in our web solutions, and we’re excited to announce further plans to roll out additional features in the months ahead.

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