ESco launch Single Customer View for Media 10

Article by Megan Walden

Wed 15 Sep 2021

ESco launch Single Customer View for Media 10

This month we launched a single customer view for the marketing team at Media 10 to help facilitate data driven targeting and segmentation across their multi-channel marketing activities.

ESco have been working with the marketing team at Media 10 for the last couple of years to plan a single customer view, with the aim for them to easily analyse brand engagement data and tap into potential sales opportunities. We started by building a proof of concept for the “UK Construction Week” brand, which then went live in September 2020.

Since then, we have planned the single customer view in stages, taking on one brand at a time, including “Ideal Home”, “Grand Designs”, “Cake & Bake Show” and many more. The process involved taking over millions contacts from various sources, such as events, magazine subscribers and newsletter lists. We then deduped, cleaned and loaded the data into the Orbit data visualisation tool, an interface which turns large sets of data into a source of intelligent analysis to:

  • Identify patterns in transactional data
  • Perform customer profiling analysis
  • Provide predictive modelling

The data analysis and visualisations make it easy to check and understand the characteristics of an audience in accessible charts. By providing insight into available data using easy-to-navigate dashboards, the marketing team at Media 10 can now select and segment their data for more intelligent and targeted marketing campaigns driving up return on investment and saving the overall costs of campaigns.

And it doesn’t stop there, either. Our next steps are to include behavioural data to target individuals based on their engagement with the brand with the aim to drive up engagement even further.

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