FastStats. A powerful data selection and visualisation solution

FastStats make it easy to unearth insights in your customer data, thanks to “drag and drop” screen elements and visual charting. Combined with our whizz team’s expertise in data management and the integration of multiple systems to build a single customer view, FastStats enables marketing geniuses to really get to grips with their data.

  • FastStats Discoverer™ is a fantastic interface for train of thought analysis and visualisation of your business data. It provides a unique combination of lightning speed and superhero power for data exploration, data mining analysis and customer understanding. AND, you can add extra modules for additional campaign management and data modelling functionality.
  • FastStats PeopleStage™ allows you to automate highly personalised marketing communication programmes; making it easy peasy lemon squeezy to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Summary of the "Good Stuff"

  • Understand customer and prospect behaviour
  • Create segments for accurate targeting
  • Measure, analyse and report on response
  • Fingertip access to data outside the IT department
  • Create powerful visualisations for immediate insight
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface for all levels of users

ESco is an official re-seller of FastStats and has successfully set up various client marketing teams to access their data using this mighty, impressive and powerful data weapon.

Recent Project - Caspian Media

We’ve recently worked on a project with Caspian Media to help them achieve their goal of the ideal Single Customer View making it simple for their data & marketing teams to analyse, select and segment their data.

Here’s the story of how the project unfolded…

The Planning

We worked with Caspian to define the scope, agree all the data sources, including newsletter, subscriptions, events and behavioural data, and gave advice on how best to standardise the data going into a rationalised single customer view.  Neat and tidy. 

The Foundations

As part of this initial build, our data experts worked to clean up addresses and match duplicate contacts together so that an individual’s transactions and brand engagements are held on the same contact. How satisfying it is to tie up those loose ends!

The Build

Caspian’s data was imported into one central area and now resides in the data visualisation and marketing tool FastStats Discoverer™ which is used by marketing teams across the UK to analyse and market to their audience.  

The Software

FastStats Discoverer™ has a simple to use ‘drag and drop’ interface and allows Caspian Media to perform powerful data analyses with ease, and make complex selections, helping them to engage their audience with highly personalised and relevant messages.

The Feedback

Migrating our data into ESco’s FastStats Marketing tool, and creating our Single customer view gives us the ability to analyse past behaviour in order to better target and personalise future customer interactions. ESco have been a valued partner and have provided great technical and business support through the design and execution stages of this project. I look forward to working with ESco on our future database enhancements.

Richard Pocock, Data Manager at Caspian

Recent Project - Professional Beauty

Professional Beauty

We have recently completed a project for Professional Beauty, a publisher and event organiser in the hair salon, nails and make up industry.

We have consolidated data into our fulfilment system and created an automated overnight feed of data into FastStats allowing their marketing team to run complex counts and selections on the data.

These exciting changes have allowed the publisher to significantly improve their marketing campaigns by targeting specific segments with a very personalised, timely and relevant message.

One of the biggest benefits is the ability to make a geographic selection by drawing on maps. This has significantly reduced the amount of time required for this type of selection compared to tediously inputting postcodes. *snore*

Another useful tool in FastStats is the ability to visualise data selections and how they overlap with each other. This way Professional Beauty can see how many of their magazine subscribers are going to their events, and vice versa. Big Brother stuff. 

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