API and System Integrations

Joined up intelligent use of data makes for happy customers

A real growth area for our development team is in the integration services that we offer.

Whether it’s a simple API to facilitate the bundling of an app with a print sub, or more complex integrations feeding full transactional records into a master CRM system - we have the experience to meet the most demanding of requirements.

Over the years, we have worked with various suppliers and clients to develop the following:

  • Access & Entitlement - API access to ascertain the access and entitlement level of a customer either to a digital edition/app or content behind a paywall. We have a simple API to provide access to subscribers, and bespoke solutions facilitating different subscription/membership levels.
  • Data Feeds - we have developed automated systems to receive data and import to our fulfilment system, but can also build systems to output data into your systems for further analysis (eg. CRM/finance systems). 

Whatever your integration requirements, you are in safe hands when placing your business with our data warriors at ESco.

Recent Projects

ESco has recently completed a number of API and integration projects:

  • Single-sign-on between our eCommerce platform and the publisher's content site
  • Facilitated subscriber-only content behind a paywall
  • Continous measurement of user engagement with publisher content 
  • Deep linking of users into eCommerce journey for those hitting a paywall, to remove any duplication of data collection and improve customer journeys
  • Domain-based access for selling corporate subscriptions

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