Single Customer View

One view, one customer
All the information you could possibly need AND the power to use it.

Publishers tend to have their data scattered across various systems and spreadsheets.

We can be your clean up crew. We will gather your scattered data and clean, format and file it all one, organised place.

Perhaps you have data from app sales, subscriptions sales, competition entries, newsletter sign ups, website registrations, shop sales and other sources.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to get all that lovely, juicy data into one system? Wouldn't it be lovely to easily analyse each individual's engagement with your brand and to significantly improve your marketing, tapping into potential sales opportuniies? Yes. It really would.

We are experts in...

  • Data Consolidation - automatically pulling data from various sources and standardising them for import
  • Data Processing - cleaning up addresses, deduping and matching contact information and adding profile and demographic detail
  • Data Output - to email marketing platforms and data visualisation tools like HubSpot and FastStats

Summary of the "Good Stuff"

  • Gather all your customer data into one place
  • Know your customers
  • Increase upsell and cross sell opportunities
  • Identify your most valuable customers
  • Personalise your marketing messages based on engagement and behaviour
  • Higher retention and renewal rates
  • Increase ROI for marketing initiatives

Talk to Alistair about our single customer view solutions

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