Schools & Institutional Subscriptions

Schools and institutional subscriptions are becoming increasingly more important for both B2B and consumer publishers so it’s imperative you have the right team with the appropriate experience to look after these valuable customers. That’s us!

Starting in 1999 for New Scientist, ESco have been working with publishers to offer specialist service to handle school and institutional subscriptions.

These subscriptions need to be handled with extra special care and are different from standard B2B or consumer subscriptions so we’ve created a specialist team at ESco and have given them the right tools to do this very important job.

This service has significantly expanded in the last few of years as we’ve taken on all the institutional sales for Bloomsbury Digital Resources and the First News for schools. Both publishers require a very bespoke way of working, and our teams are more than happy to roll their sleeves up and work in the way that our publishers need them to.

We are delighted that First News won an award in 2017 for the launch of their online resource for schools - the iHub - which we have been heavily involved in. It’s great to see all our hard work being recognised independently. You can find out more about this award here.

Summary of the "Good Stuff"

  • Experienced & specialist customer service team
  • Dedicated systems to handle school subscriptions
  • Automated credit control process
  • Strong financial reporting and controls
  • Automated communication and billing systems
  • Web service and API for integrations

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I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for all the work that you have done for us at First News. I have rarely worked with a supplier who has been so professional and dedicated, and also so genuinely lovely to work with. At every stage of our journey, you have been positive, good-humoured and focused on delivering the very best for us and I have greatly appreciated your support and advice.

Sarah Atkinson, Head of Schools Marketing, First News / read more