Corporate Subscriptions

Corporate subscriptions are the life-blood of many B2B publications. Having an experienced and knowledgeable team to help look after them is vital. And here we are.

We made it our business to become experts in Corporate subs over ten years ago. And not only have we not looked back since, but we’ve been continually looking forward, improving on the offering and support that we provide.

How did we get to where we are today?

  • We have hand-crafted a bespoke service to assist our clients in selling and managing corporate packages covering multiple users with multiple products in multiple locations. All as part of the same order.
  • We made hefty investments in our fulfilment and production systems.
  • We hand-picked and trained a specialist customer service team to liaise with the customers and clients to manage the whole process

We work alongside our clients’ sales and marketing teams to continually evolve the service we offer, which is now benefitting a range of our publishers.

Got specific requirements? We can tailor the system to suit your particular sales process…and products and integrations can be developed to facilitate online access and entitlement via 3rd party platforms.

Summary of the "Good Stuff"

  • Multiple users and products per order
  • A specialist customer service team who will be given detailed training on your brand and products
  • A dedicated Account Manager hand-picked from our elite Client Services team
  • Complex bundling and discounting opportunities
  • Integrated sales reporting
  • Strong financial reporting and controls
  • Automated communication and billing systems
  • Web service and API for online integrations including domain-based access and user engagement reporting

Talk to Alistair about our corporate subscription services

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ESco are professional and provide a very valuable service for CRU. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Their specialist corporate subscriptions team are great and have come to manage the complex nature of CRU’s orders with ease.

Meninder Kaur, Customer Service Manager, CRU International Ltd / read more

ESco's corporate subscription service has been invaluable to The Bookseller. We have been able to grow the number of larger, corporate clients we have by tailoring our packages to meet their print and digital subscription needs. This includes the introduction of company-wide 'domain-based access', which automatically grants all employees who create an account full access to our paywalled content online. ESco's corporate subscription team provide a fantastic service and are able to deal with complicated bulk orders in a professional and efficient manner. I would not hesitate to recommend ESco to any company looking to implement a tailored, multi-user subscription package for large corporates.

Kirstine Bowen, Audience Marketing Manager, The Bookseller / read more