Controlled Circulation

We understand that your data is the kernel, the pith, the essence, the life force of your business. And we will guard it as if it were our first born.

We know all about controlled circulation publications. We understand how important your data is.

We have worked with buckets of publishers over the years - building and maintaining industry leading databases.

We can store multiple levels of demographic information, we can build complex selections for each issue and we can prioritise the right segments of your audience.

Not only can we manage the day to day running of your controlled circulation title, we can also accurately, successfully and joyfully submit an ABC audit each period.

With millenniums of experience we will submit on your behalf and liaise directly with the auditors. Easy peasy. 

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In my experience ESco is an extremely professional and efficient company. However what really sets them apart is the level of customer service and their attention to detail. When they say they will do something it gets done, which is rare and refreshing in this day and age.

Steve Hardiman, Managing Director, Purple Media Solutions / read more