Orbit. A powerful data selection and visualisation solution.

At ESco, we provide a dynamic data solution that helps you gain deeper insights into your customers' interactions with your brand. Powered by Apteco Orbit, our software empowers you to craft marketing campaigns that are not just relevant but also personal to each individual customer.

With Orbit, you regain control over your data and marketing campaigns, enjoying end-to-end capability that simplifies the management of your marketing efforts from start to finish.

Our commitment lies in eliminating the noise of untargeted, irrelevant marketing. Instead, we focus on driving your business growth by enabling you to deliver personalised experiences to every customer. We believe in delivering outstanding results by ensuring the right marketing messages reach the right customer at the right time.

We are experts in...

  • Connecting your data – our flexible and secure cloud solution ensures scalable storage and reliable performance, guaranteeing maximum speed and data protection.
  • Explore and visualise – uncover actionable insights with Apteco’s interactive dashboards, offering a practical and intuitive user experience.
  • Identify key insights – create and interact with dashboards containing crucial insights, allowing you to filter and slice your data for custom views and audience selections.
  • Target your audience – build your ideal target audience with powerful selections and export lists for refined campaigns.
  • Optimise the customer journey – utilise multiple touchpoints to communicate with customers at the right time and in the right way.
  • Create single and multi-stage journeys – automate your campaigns to streamline marketing efforts and eliminate manual tasks, whether that's a simple email, WhatsApp message or targeted advertising on a Meta platform.
  • Track, monitor, and report – gain up-to-the-minute insights on engagement data and use it to build informative dashboards for reporting.
  • Design beautiful emails – use the built-in email builder to design beautiful and effective email campaigns with personalised content blocks to really engage your audience.

Summary of the "Good Stuff"

  • Upload and store your data safely to a secure cloud-based platform
  • Answer key questions about your data using powerful analytics
  • Segment and refine your data to build the perfect audience
  • Build, monitor and optimise multi-stage, multi-channel campaign journeys
  • Personalise your customer experiences and enhance the relevancy of your marketing messages
  • Simplify your tasks and automate workflows to save you valuable time

ESco is an official re-seller of Apteco Orbit, having successfully equipped numerous client marketing teams with this powerful data weapon.

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