Single customer view for UK Construction Week

Article by Louise McHale

Wed 18 Sep 2019

Single customer view for UK Construction Week

The ever important, single customer view…

We’ve recently worked on a project with UK Construction Week (part of Media 10) to help them achieve their goal of the ideal Single Customer View making it simple for their data & marketing teams to analyse, select and segment their data.

Here’s the story of how the project unfolded…

The Planning

We worked with UK Construction Week to define the scope, agree all the data sources, including newsletter subscriptions, event registrations and behavioural data, and gave advice on how best to standardise the data going into a rationalised single customer view.  Neat and tidy. 

The Foundations

As part of this initial build, our data experts worked to clean up addresses and match duplicate contacts together so that an individual’s transactions and brand engagements are held on the same contact. How satisfying it is to tie up those loose ends!

The Build

UK Construction Week's data was imported into one central area and now resides in the data visualisation and marketing tool FastStats Discoverer™ which is used by marketing teams across the UK to analyse and market to their audience.  

The Software

FastStats Discoverer™ has a simple to use ‘drag and drop’ interface and allows UK Construction Week to perform powerful data analyses with ease, and make complex selections, helping them to engage their audience with highly personalised and relevant messages.

The Feedback

ESco massively helped us understand our data universe for the show and customer journey for the past 5 years of visitors data. Communication between the teams at ESco and Media 10 has been very good and efficient during the setup.

Tim Garwood, Director at Media 10

Want some of the action?

If you want to find out more about how we can help with your single customer view, have a little look on our website and learn about FastStats & our Single Customer View…or just call Alistair Wood on 01371 851817 and he’ll fill you in!

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