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Our company ethos: 'Service With Integrity'

Article by Susan Duffin

Fri 22 Jun 2018

Our company ethos: 'Service With Integrity'

One day, some years ago, we sat down to decide on a new company logo and devise a strapline. The old logo had held us in good stead for many years, but we needed a new design and to convey a sense of the ESco personality.

So! Service with Integrity was born.

After nearly 35 years in business, the ESco ethos has become firmly established and just like a stick of Blackpool rock, if you were to cut ESco down the middle it is an ethos that runs right the way through.

From top to bottom, every member of staff is committed to offering the best service to our clients. And because we want to enjoy working with our clients, our suppliers...and each other.... our relationships are built on honesty, kindness and respect.  

Revisiting this strapline when we rebranded in 2015, we thought we might come up with something new....but after some fairly interesting conversations with our friends in the publishing industry it transpires that our strapline matches our reputation - that is something to be proud of!

So, who is ESco?

A publishing services company built on integrity, honesty and quality.

We asked the ESco team what our strapline meant to them....this is what some of them said:

We’re honest and upfront about what we do; we strive to always do right by our clients and hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Federica Rainaldi, Account Executive

Doing right by the client, and protecting their interests.

Wesley Atkins, Production Specialist

Being honest, fair and thorough in everything that we offer to our clients and their customers.

Tayma Spensley, Customer Service Specialist

Providing a thorough and honest service to our customers, at the highest possible standard.

Laura Perry, Senior Account Manager

Working honestly with our partners, whether they be clients or suppliers.

Dan Kidd, Production & Fulfilment Department Manager

Customer loyalty.

Jennie Bell, Production Supervisor

Doing our upmost to ensure that everything we do is done to the best of our ability by putting our clients first.

Greg Viney, Developer

Providing a first class top quality service to our partners with their best interests at the top of our agenda.

Matthew O'Malley, Technical Manager

Providing an honest and reliable service when working with clients and customers.

Suzanna Michael, Customer Service Specialist

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