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ESco and The Face

Article by Louise McHale

Tue 24 Sep 2019

ESco and The Face

This month, we went live with the subs of The Face magazine. If ESco were a person right now, we’d have our torn leather jacket slung over our right hand shoulder as we lean against an edgy brick wall – feeling a bit cool about our latest title.

Well…I doubt you heard it here first, but The Face is back. Iconic 1980’s culture, fashion and lifestyle mag was relaunched by Wasted Talent earlier this year. Starting with the digital edition back in April, but the first physical print copy rolled off the press a little later and was published in early September this year.

It’s great to be working with a title which, historically, was a big part of the publishing industry and British culture as a whole.

The Face, in its day was, in the words of Paul Gormon “The magazine that changed culture” – in fact, he published a book about The Face with that very title.

The Face is said to be responsible for the launch of Kate Moss’s career as a super model when she was featured on the front cover in July 1990 for The 3rd Summer of Love edition – when she was a mere 16 year old, unknown model.

The history of this magazine is something pretty special. And the future? Who knows. But along with the rest of the UK, we’re pretty excited about it. We’re proud to partner with the team at The Face on this one.

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