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Eco Friendly Re-Fills

Article by Louise McHale

Thu 22 Aug 2019

Eco Friendly Re-Fills

It's on our hearts to help preserve our lovely planet AND to help our lovely team to help preserve it.

So, earlier this month we received a rather exciting and delicious delivery...

...of the wonderful, amazing, refillable eco laundry and household cleaning, Fill products.

We have become stockists, so that we can purchase these eco goods in bulk and store them in our warehouse for the ESco team and their families.

We're very happy to be able to provide our staff with high end produts at low cost and to be able to help them to reduce their single use plastic (and carbon footprint!) with ease, simply refilling their empties when they're coming into the office anyway! Easy.

If you're ever over our way, come and have a whiff - they are divine.

If you want to look at ways to reduce your single use plastic, check out where you can order products in bulk online!

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