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Anthem launches Colouring Heaven Discovery Club

Article by Alistair Wood

Wed 04 Mar 2020

Anthem launches Colouring Heaven Discovery Club

Colouring Heaven magazine has launched a new paid-for newsletter, dedicated to giving colourists the chance to discover new illustrators and artists. The Discovery Club weekly newsletter features a new artist every week, including an exclusive design to download and colour, an artist interview, and extras like discount codes for the artists designs. The newsletter costs £3.98 per month.

With only 13 issues of Colouring Heaven per year, and hundreds of artists hoping to be featured in the magazine, the brand team at Anthem Publishing have created Discovery Club as a way to introduce as many emerging artists as possible. The first artist to appear is Rob Roskam, a Dutch illustrator who specialises in botanical designs. The loyal and dedicated Colouring Heaven audience have already shown enthusiasm for this new project, and are eager to get their hands on their weekly emails. 

Creative Director of Colouring Heaven, Jenny Cook, said: ‘I am so happy to finally be able to get more fantastic artists into the spotlight! Every month it is so difficult to choose just one to highlight in the magazine, so with Discovery Club our audience can meet many more talented artists and get to know their work. We’re excited to get going with this new venture and get more people involved with the Colouring Heaven brand.’

ESco handles the subscriptions to this weekly email. 

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