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Access & entitlement for Emap websites

Article by Alistair Wood

Mon 23 Sep 2019

Access & entitlement for Emap websites

ESco is pleased to announce they have completed a project to facilitate the launch of five updated content sites for Emap incorporating a content paywall. The sites include iconic brands such as Nursing Times and Construction News.

All the developments launched successfully with no disruption to subscribers during the complex launch process.

Over the last few months ESco have worked closely with the Development and Marketing teams at Emap to facilitate the following functionality through their API and eCommerce systems:

  • Real-time access to paid content for all subscribers (both online & offline) providing a smooth and easy user journey and improved engagement with paid content
  • Single-sign-on integration between ESco’s eCommerce platform and Emap’s content sites allowing easy purchases and increased sales
  • Options for content entitlement depending on what is being purchased (Print, Digital or Bundle) allowing Emap to tailor the subscription package to the subscriber’s needs

As part of our decision to move subscription bureaus, it was essential that we improved our subscriber experience to offer an enhanced online service. The challenge was compounded as we also moved website platforms at the same time. ESco helped guide us through this complex project and we've achieved an improved subscriber experience using their API. We have already seen a significant reduction in the number of online access queries from our direct subscribers and subscribers through membership organisations.

Steven Barkess, Head of Subscriptions at Emap

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