Content Workflow

A fully featured content workflow module, integrating seamlessly with our splendid web platform enabling production and editorial teams to create and control content in a digital first environment. 

Launched in 2017, ESco has developed a full content workflow and management system which allows publishers to create content in a digital workflow and easily publish the same content to print at a later date. 
Designed for production and editorial staff, the solution allows articles to be written using an online text editor which tracks and records changes providing a full audit trail of all modifications. 
Once the first draft is written the article moves through a predefined workflow notifying the relevant individuals along the way, taking the article through a journey of editing and proofing until it is ready to be published online. This digital journey is fully configurable to meet the exact requirements of your production needs.
As soon as the article is published online, it is stored in a fully searchable archive and available to be re-used across multiple brands, or downloaded as an XML file directly into InDesign for easy publication in print form, removing the need to copy and paste text and re-import images. 
The Content Workflow solution is fully integrated with ESco’s online Publishing platform and together they provide all the tools needed to create a successful online presence for any brand. 
This new module demonstrates ESco’s ability and relentless drive to deliver digital solutions to specialist publishers, while still remaining competitive and cost-effective. This solution will enable publishers to transition from a traditional ‘print first’ workflow to a ‘digital first’ workflow, but with easy integration into InDesign for any print publications. 

Summary of the "Good Stuff"

  • Digital first controlled content creation
  • Role based permissions
  • Audit trail of changes
  • Searchable archive
  • Image management
  • Integration with InDesign​

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