Events & Conferences

“Making a list, checking it twice? You need an event planner in your life.”

Publishers are no longer just selling a print magazine. It’s all about building a community of people who not only want to read good content, they also want to meet together, over a cup of fresh coffee and slice of gooey cake at a conference or such like. Obviously. OR, to meet together over a five course meal and a few glasses of bubbly at an awards ceremony. *Slurp*

Now wouldn’t it be wise to make use of the same experienced, gorgeous, helpful, friendly teams that are handling your subscriptions? We can manage the sales of tickets and admin of registration data to help you, the lovely publishers, engage with a wider audience and deliver a smashing event. Even if we do say so ourselves.

Also, (get this) processing is fully integrated with our subs system, so you have the opportunity to maximise the cross-selling potential to your happy customers. Ta-da!

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