Future Proof

Article by Susan Duffin

Fri 23 Oct 2020

Future Proof

I am delighted to announce that Clare Gill and Louise McHale have been appointed Directors of the company.  

As my daughters, both Clare and Louise have worked in several departments of ESco over the last 17 plus years, from Mailroom to Customer Service to Account Management, and have spent all their lives being involved in the company in one way or another, learning about the various services and challenges every decade has brought to ESco. Sacrifices have been made over the years by us all to bring ESco to where it is now…a successful independent bureau, employing over 60 people, within a very challenging marketplace.

Both women have already contributed much to the shape ESco is today.

Clare has brought structure and order to our HR Department, ensuring we’re plugged in with a professional company, introducing systems and processes to bring quality and efficiencies in all we do. Clare’s analytical mind is put to good use in her in-depth involvement in contracts, quotations, clients' costs, productivity across the teams, IT scheduling and various projects.

Over the last few years, Louise has changed the face of ESco within our industry by our re-brand, the launch of our website, the launch of ESco Connect, ideas for new services  – all of which have shown the industry our professional but fun personality. At industry events, it’s not unusual for people to tell me they only hear good things about ESco, and how they’d love to work with us as it looks like a fun place to be!

Both Clare and Louise’s skillsets are very different and very much complement one another.

Clare will continue to work behind the scenes on the corporate side of ESco, legally, financially with a continuing involvement in the IT department’s role in the company – one that drives efficiencies and brings our innovative ideas to fruition.

Louise is a natural front runner, leading the company forwards, eager to try new and exciting projects (like her mother, she loves change!), ensuring the company remains relevant and active in every industry we may serve. 

Louise is working closely with me as we plan for her to take the reins as Managing Director in the coming years.

We have a strong Management Team in place at ESco and this will continue to evolve. We are a dynamic company with a very high calibre of staff throughout and we are very well placed to manoeuvre the company round all the obstacles, like Covid19, and to come out even stronger. We know we have an exciting future, built upon many years of quality services offered with absolute integrity. This will continue.

Congratulations to both Clare and Louise on their current positions as Business Operations Director and Marketing Director respectively. I am very proud of them and delighted that they are so willing to keep my beloved ESco growing and evolving, continuing to successfully stride into the future.

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