Fieldsports Press Ltd completes the migration of The Countryman’s Weekly

Article by Megan Walden

Mon 29 Jan 2024

Fieldsports Press Ltd completes the migration of The Countryman’s Weekly

Fieldsports Press has recently acquired The Countryman’s Weekly brand and subscribers from Metropolis, an acquisition which further bolsters Fieldsports' comprehensive portfolio of country sports titles.

The title, which covers country sports such as shooting and hunting, has been merged with Fieldsports’ existing title, The Shooting Times and Country magazine, which they acquired in the summer of last year from Future PLC. Fieldsports Press Ltd will increase the pagination of The Shooting Times to accommodate this title merge and both outlets’ content.

Similarly to previous acquisitions, subscribers will benefit from our high-quality customer service team, and Fieldsports will continue to receive ESco’s full subscriptions service for this title merge: an attentive Client Management Team dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction, advanced analytical reporting for insights into subscriber behavior and preferences, award-winning eCommerce solutions for seamless online transactions, and a renowned renewals service to maximise subscriber retention.

This acquisition not only expands Fieldsports Press' reach within the country sports community but also underscores their commitment to providing an unparalleled experience for subscribers. In the dynamic landscape of country sports publications, Fieldsports Press Ltd continues to innovate and evolve, guided by a dedication to delivering quality content and exceptional service to their loyal subscribers.

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