Fieldsports Press Ltd completes the migration of five new titles and two memberships

Article by Megan Walden

Thu 21 Jul 2022

Fieldsports Press Ltd completes the migration of five new titles and two memberships

It gives us great pleasure to join our friends at Fieldsports Press Ltd in celebrating a huge leap forward for their business – the completed migration of five shooting magazines and two shooting membership associations from Archant Ltd over to our subscriptions and digital platform here at ESco.

ESco took huge pride in our involvement in this project by rolling out three new websites for Fieldsports Press Ltd during this time, to cater to the new titles. We're delighted to be working with the teams from Rifle Shooter, Airgun Shooting and Sporting Shooter and look forward to growing their subscriptions and memberships in the coming months.

During this process, it was of great importance to ensure that customers had an uninterrupted service and ESco worked to keep all subscribers informed of this transition at every stage.

Our biggest congratulations go out to Simon and Selena Barr for your successes in this project and, as always, it has been an absolute joy to work alongside you. Fieldsports Press Ltd is now the largest publishing and media group in the field sports sector after recently acquiring these five brands from Archant Ltd.

May we take this opportunity to say a big well done to our super Project Manager, Connor Smith, for all the hard work and continued efforts with this successful transfer. We would also like to thank Lee Turbard, Emma McHale, Claire Hewitt and Molly Barrett from Team ESco for their key involvement in the journey.

We are very proud to be working with such an exciting and ambitious publisher and look forward to watching you further your successes with the opportunities that these new and exciting titles will bring.

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