ESco launches a second website for Fieldsports Press Ltd

Article by Megan Walden

Wed 08 Dec 2021

ESco launches a second website for Fieldsports Press Ltd

After the huge success of the Gundog Journal website, Fieldsports Press Ltd have entrusted ESco with launching an additional website for their second subscription title, Fieldsports Journal.

This time around, our projects team were presented with a similar brief, using the same creative template to produce a sister website which was equally as creative and professional, working to appeal to the Fieldsports Journal's target audience. The site was filled with photography that captures the essence of all things shooting, hunting and fishing, tailored specifically to the consumers of this particular publication.

Once again, the new website pairs advertising with commercial content, which are balanced in such a way that maintains a seamless user experience. This included a variety of relevant and engaging information which is tailored to the interests of the Fieldsports Journal consumers, from topical news to the latest gear and delicious game recipes. The existing template meant that our team was able to replicate a similar website which was on-brand and easy to use.

Crucially, the website integrates eCommerce with this useful content, making subscriptions, back issues and publications readily available to purchase, thereby enhancing the brand’s engagement. Similarly, the pages are optimised for all screen sizes, which makes all elements of the site easily accessible on desktops, mobiles, and tablets alike. A feature was also built into both websites to allow the possibility for cross-selling across both titles.

We are incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside our friends at Fieldsports Press again to complete a second website in this project, which went live in early December. It gives us a great deal of excitement to look to the New Year with the prospect of many more projects to come.

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