Dods Training website launches

Article by Alistair Wood

Wed 11 Sep 2019

Dods Training website launches

ESco has just launched the second in a series of websites for Dods.

The Dods Training website promotes and showcases the training, coaching, consultancy and open courses provided both in the UK and overseas, and so it was important to demonstrate a sense of professionalism, quality, trust and integrity with the design and UX.

The site uses ESco’s Publishing Platform and is hosted using ESco’s Cloud Services. On-going hosting, support and maintenance will be provided by the Digital Team at ESco.

I got introduced to the team at ESco in May 2019, following the approval to launch a new Dods Training website. The team shared their web design ideas with us and together we worked to create a professional and welcoming website. The team at ESco were nothing but helpful and responsive. Not only were they fantastic at responding to requests, they improved the aesthetic feel of the site and were happy to work collaboratively with our copywriter. The team shared their knowledge on how to create a website with impact and we are very happy with the final result.

Alice McDavid, Head of UK Training, Dods Training

About Dods Training

Dods Training, under the umbrella of Dods Group plc, was set up more than 20 years ago to inform clients how Government and Parliament work. Today Dods Training is the UK's leading organisation offering high quality training through a variety of formats on a wide range of subjects – including policy making, governance, leadership and management, communication skills and media handling

About Dods

Dods is a market-leading business intelligence, events, media and training company. They have built a reputation for high quality, unbiased content across all of their products and services. Dods’ global reach enables customers across six continents and 50 countries to navigate the complex and changing UK and EU political and public sector management environments.

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