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ESco Partner Wins Award

Article by Louise McHale

Thu 12 Apr 2018

ESco Partner Wins Award

In April 2017, after much careful research, we partnered with Syntec and integrated CardEasy with our Subscriptions Software to ensure a heightened protection for subscribers’ financial details. At ESco we always aim to choose the best partners and so we are not surprised to learn that CardEasy has won “Best Security Solution” this week at The Genesys Call & Contact Centre Awards. Well done Syntec!

You can read more about their win here.

At ESco, we take security very seriously indeed. Our Technical Manager, Matthew O’Malley is our designated Data Protection Officer, speaking of the CardEasy win, he said:

In the past year, since going live with CardEasy, the ESco team has successfully and securely taken 8,675 payments over the telephone without having to hear or type a single credit card number.  This equates to the following in secure payments:
GBP £927,867.56
USD $223,558.32
EUR €10,572.15
AUD $1,426.68

Matthew O'Malley, Technical Manager

If you want to know more about our services and how we can help you, contact Al Wood or 01371 851817.

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