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Circulation Audits, Easy as ABC

Article by Louise McHale

Fri 27 Apr 2018

Circulation Audits, Easy as ABC

Taking you back to basics today on the vital importance of circulation audits.

Successful auditing and ABC certification prove to potential and existing advertisers just how many eyeballs, their adverts will pass under. And that their circulation has been independently verified to industry agreed standards.

Completing audits with ABC proves that there are no duplicates, the magazine was in fact printed and distributed, people have genuinely subscribed or requested the magazine and that the free circulation copies are being distributed to the correct target audience.

Audits usually take place once every year, so you can be sure that the information obtained through auditing is up to date and accurate.

All of this means advertisers can be reassured that the advertising campaigns they are investing in are reaching exactly the right people.

That’s why at ESco, we are hot on ABC audits and we provide an auditing service in-house, working alongside ABC, The Audit Bureau of Circulations, taking the stress away from our publishers.

We’ve recently been doing some update training in-house too, to keep fresh in the minds of our Account Management and Customer Service Teams the importance and requirements that need to be met for ABC certification.

Our auditing guru, Erica Callander, says “I've been running audits at ESco on our clients' behalf for over ten years now. During this time, we've set up a slick process and gained buckets of knowledge; I can confidently say that we will help any publisher wishing to gain ABC Certification, through guidance and support, through to full completion of their audit alongside ABC."

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